Kriss Smg





Introduction: Kriss Smg

this is my fourth instructable the kriss, i wasnt going to post but a few people asked so lets get started WARNING: THIS USES TWO DECAPITATED GREYS :WARNING

sorry about crappy intro pictures they get better :P

Step 1: Handle,trigger and Firing Mech

well this step shows you how to make all the things in the name

Step 2: The Barrel, Mag and the Thing That Covers the Mag to Make It Look Real

the innards of the gun, i bet some one could mod the top of the mag and if you do please show

Step 3: The Front of the Gun and the Secondry Handle

this basicly means 'FAKE BARREL TIME'

Step 4: Stock and Rail

the stock



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    I love this gun for its design(in real life) but not the one youve made.

    Thank you, I appreciate your constructive comment, besides before making comments like that you build one. 


     Im making my own version ATM. The front, top and stock aren't done yet  but here's a pic right now. It uses the mech from DutchJ's assault rifle.


    The Vector and the Kriss are the same guns. You sir, play MW2 to much.

    actually, the vector was made about a year after the kriss, but since it was such a short time span, people consider them the same gun

    Turns out we were both right. The vector uses i firing mechanism called the Kriss Super V. If you don't believe me click here.

    oh i believe you. im a history nut so im kinda geeky about this kinda stuff. someone should try to make a m1 garand with grenade launcher


     it is -.- lol