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This is the hand gun that I made. I have now added a trigger to the gun, so it is different than the one you may have seen on the slidshow. In total, this instructables uses a lot of pictures(only because I want my first instructables to have as less problems with pictures as possible)

-shoots about 60+ ft. but can shoot farther by using the orange connectors at the bottom as a pump
-true trigger
-mag for 4 bullets
-mag never jams
-working sight
-no firing pin sticking out the back
-has an incredible rubberband to range ratio. (can get past 60 feet with only one rubberband)
-according to DrWeird117, the gun could shoot 30 feet accurately

-uses a moderate amount of pieces
-some people say that the handle is not very comfy

Step 1: Handle

This is the handle of the gun

Step 2: Body of Gun

This is the body of the gun, it may seem flimsy, but after attached, it becomes more sturdy

Step 3: Barrel

This is the barrel of the gun. it is connected to the magazine, and can store up to 5 bullets, but is more sturdy with 4.



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    Funny trigger. Though it's pretty cool. It's like a trigger-guard on the trigger.

    1 reply

    lol, thank you sir :P and yup, it is different, but i like how you can use it as a pump :)

    Well there are parts where orange connecters can be replaced with others, but at the sacrifice of its looks. Orange connectors worked best for me, and because I have a lot of them, I just used them whenever I needed them.

    i know that, it sucks!!!! i can't believe it happened to my orange board. :(

    happened to DJ radio's too.

    And to me too, but it was only for a few hours.

    i don't know if it happened to anyone else.

    it happened to iaC too, and a couple other people whose names i don't know off the top of my head.

    they should fix that, sometime it may happen to someone important.

    Yea right who can be more important then me? Jk