L96a1 Sniper Rifle





Introduction: L96a1 Sniper Rifle

i know not many people like slideshows but since i will probably not post the sniper because of the many pieces i decided just to show you the gun since i think it is one of the best gun i have made and it uses the same mech as the rpg but is more acurate and have managed to increase its distance by almost a 100 ft. other gun is the old g36c that i had posted a while ago but many people said it look liked an mp5 so i changed it alittle and now it looks a lot better!



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sniper looks huge, and cool! and the other gun looks like a G3 Soviet - which is good!


sniper is cool, but the ''g36'' is still an mp5

what type of mech is it? you should post it if you still have it. 5*

Now dats wot i call a kool gun. Love it :):)

is look a little like an AWM and that pictures of a real gun is a AWM

yes the wole name of the gun is an l96 awm

 out of curiosity will u b posting the second gun shown?...
and it looks semi auto??