i know not many people like slideshows but since i will probably not post the sniper because of the many pieces i decided just to show you the gun since i think it is one of the best gun i have made and it uses the same mech as the rpg but is more acurate and have managed to increase its distance by almost a 100 ft. other gun is the old g36c that i had posted a while ago but many people said it look liked an mp5 so i changed it alittle and now it looks a lot better!
sniper looks huge, and cool! and the other gun looks like a G3 Soviet - which is good!
sniper is cool, but the ''g36'' is still an mp5
post l96. plz!
definitly and mp5
what type of mech is it? you should post it if you still have it. 5*
Now dats wot i call a kool gun. Love it :):)
is look a little like an AWM and that pictures of a real gun is a AWM
yes the wole name of the gun is an l96 awm
&nbsp;out of curiosity will u b posting the second gun shown?...<br /> and it looks semi auto??
I really totally lovethe awesome stock.<br/>It's the best one i've ever seen.<br/>I totally love this thing!<br/>That's the reason why i will give you 5 stars.=]<br/>
your right thomas ;)
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is it sling shot?
is it sling shot?
dude, post this maign with good instructions please
that L96A1 looks more like a FG 34
um... no it doesnt. it doesnt look EXACTLY like an L96A1, but it doesnt look like a FG34. AN FG34 AS A MACHINE GUN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
obviously i know its a machine gun. but i'm saying without the scope, (and belt feed of course) it would look like it.
now that you mention it, yeah.
Looks awesome!!
cool is that mp5 automatic??
im tired of all these srv snipers or rubberband snipers cant anyone build something like a mepain sniper rifle and a gorkem sniper rifle mixed???actually ill go make my own right now and post it
I am making one like mepains. It is coming in versions till i get it to look and work almost exactly like the real one, which im succeeding in. I should beable to post it very soon.
cool!!! 5 stars
post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post ppost post post post post post~!!!!!!!i want it!
I posted the mp5!
dude these guns look pwnage, you should definatly post them
post the mp5 it looks sweet
hey, if I can get permission ill post I'm half way done!
Yeah please! Has it got some kind of semi-auto mech?
its actually full auto not semi
Cool :)
one pull all go off before you could put trigger back up :( :)
actually it is semi auto because you have to pull the trigger each time for one bullet but that doesnt mean you cant go trigger happy and pull the trigger as fast as you can!thats why their is two gears instead of one so as you pull the trigger one shot goes off and then trigger blocks the back gear from letting any other bullets going off and then repeat and then 16 shots later you'll have to reload
ohhhhhh i built it a little different because on the back of the trigger I put a red connector on the two green rods
im probably going to post the mp5 over the weekend so i would prefer if i posted it myself.but if you can figure out how to build the sniper you can post it as long as you give me some credit:)
oh OK that's fine. Maybe soon
please post mister sniper!
plz, rethink not posting that sniper, it is soooooo kl
i'll consider it
That is pretty sweet... loox like you ran out of tires on the scope tho, LoL
post the mp5!!!
Your sniper looks the 'biz' man!
Oh man those guns are awesome. Post them all!
nice guns :)
thank you
youre welcome :)

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