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Hellow friends!

Here, I am presenting a realy easy and quick bracelet with minimum supplies.

Enjoy this easy diy in this summer!!

Step 1: Materials:

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– small washers

– small key rings
– lace trim or ribbon
– scissors
– tape

The materials for this one couldn't be simpler. In fact, you probably have a few spare washers in your toolbox and ribbon in your sewing box.

Step 2:

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for this bracelet , we will use 5 washer and 12 inches of lace trim.

Use tape to creat a needle or shoe lace end on one end of your trim.

loop your first washer through, then the second one.

now, pull your ribbon up over the second washer and weave it through the first washer.

Step 3:

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Pull it the way through, and then weave back through your second washer.

Pull tight .

Repeat with all of your washer and you will get a nice little pattern.

Step 4:

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To fasten, simple tie an adorable bow arround your wrist.

Step 5:

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For the second bracelet, we used two pieces of lace trim and some extra small key rings.

Step 6:

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Use the tap to attach two pieces of trim together, and repeat the step above.

Step 7:

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This one is reversible - two looks in one!!

Step 8:

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bracelete is ready.

its awsom!!



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