Introduction: Lace Buds

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そんな方に提案するのがlace buds!

準備するものは靴と自分がひもとして使いたいひもだけ! 柄も長さも自分で調整でき、更に伸縮性もあるコードをくつひもに使ってみませんか?

Step 1: Find Earphones

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Cut the earohones where the too ear buds combine.

Step 2: FInd a Shoe

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This could be amy shoe that you like to wear.

Or it could be a shoe where you are tired of having to change the dirty laces.

Step 3: Lace It Up

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lace the shoe with the earbuds from both sides and when you get to the end tie up really tight!

Step 4: Wear Em!

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Once you have finished lacing the shoe all you have to do is to wear them!

Most earphones are very strechy so you wont have to tie them each time.

Also they are very durable and do not get dirty at all!

Your welcome!



seamster (author)2014-10-16

Nice idea! Thanks for sharing this.

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