Picture of lancer assault rifle
Feb 22 2008 - VID00003_1.jpg
Feb 22 2008 - VID00003_2.jpg
Feb 22 2008 - VID00004_1.jpg
Feb 22 2008 - VID00005_1.jpg
should I post if I do it might take a little while P.s the second to last picture is my M1 garand and the last is my sniper rifle.(and shoes oops =p)
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sweet chainsaw
I like the fact that the chainsaw works!
stale567 years ago
Lol I dont like flamethrowers...
He he he...
Im sorry I meant o.O
stale56 stale566 years ago
and im happy cuz a flamethrower is in gears 2 =)
bounty10126 years ago
that sniper pic on the end looks alot like a dragunov post!!
knexsniper16 years ago
Holey Crap!!!!!!!! Those guns are incredible! POST!!!!!!!!!!! Where does everybody get all those metallics?
he is just one of the many knex geniuses that left.
TigerNod barrax6 years ago
Which is sad... ;-(
that left where?
to where
the deep parts of their own mind.
oh, I get it! are they insane or in a coma?
umm. ??? how would i know?
Its a joke
i think i know... but then again that thought came from a very unsecure part of my mind. i call it my brain. XD
dandan146 years ago
lol nice gun i lief my knex out my hand
ironman69 (author) 7 years ago
OK I said I might post the guns!!!!!!!!!!
"should I post if I do it might take a little" tbf, you cant say you might, then never do. you asked people whether you should. they say you should, as do i. you cant really deny of them of ultimate guns.
mmmmmmmm... back and front needs help
woke is oke
woke thanks for the answer
now for sure are you going to post those guns (yes or no)
ironman69 (author)  dutchwarlord6 years ago
so no i am not sure
ironman69 (author)  dutchwarlord6 years ago
I took most of them apart they are old gun's
The Jamalam6 years ago
how long does it take to post it!?
DrWeird1177 years ago
ojochris7 years ago
Be real, Are you going to post the lancer?
ironman69 (author)  ojochris7 years ago
OK last time I wrote that I might post it read the description I never sead I was going to(except for a competition)
Gears forever. I'm stuck on RAAM on Insane. It's hard! I have a couple collectible Gears figures. Marcus, Dom, Cole, Jack, RAAM, a Berserker, a Boomer, a Kryll swarm that glides on a steel rail, like a roller coaster, an Airsoft Troika( about 3in. tall), and a die cast, 12 pound Hammer of dawn replica.
please could you post instructions for the sniper rifle. it looks so sexy
ironman69 (author)  j-chode!7 years ago
LOL thanks but sorry I took it apart :(
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