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Introduction: Laptop Case

I work offshore or on site for months at a time , I needed a place to stow or carry my laptop,Ipad and additional stuff.

I found a Pelican Case thru my work (around $300) the case itself is pretty well built and it floats and is supposed to be water tight

I found the foam at work in the back. then one night i got bored. here is the result.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Ipad (upside Down So Wont Scratch )

Step 4:

Step 5:



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Just so everyone knows it is a lot of money, but the Pelican case is the absolute best case ever. It is waterproof too, just so harthoppy knows.

$300 that is a mother load of cash!!

Yes it is , a Big load of cash . But since it was FREE I am using it .
I am working on a idea to make a box for my Stuff, I am using Google Sketch up 3d and it is going super slow .

My plans are to make a square box with drawers and a lift top and have the screen drop down .

Also a place for my XBox360 .

dunno when ill have the plans done . Soon I hope .

That sounds insanely awesome can't wait to see it, I think I'll just use a spare dewalt case though.