Introduction: Laptop Cooling Stand

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you will need a plastic laptop stand a old cooling pad or 2 5 volt computer fans if you get the two fan way get a old usb cord or one from the dollar store.

Step 1: Making Holes for Fans

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find where your fan is on your computer and mark on the stand and cut your holes big enough for air to flow through good .

Step 2: Mount Your Fans

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if you have the two 5 volts fans take  the usb cord and strip it and take the red and white or the red and black wires if you use the white use it for the black twist  them together or if you have what i have take it apart and the end where the air blows out and turn that fan blowing down then hot glue it to the back of the stand

Step 3: Try It Out

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your done set your computer on the stand and plug it up


zack247 (author)2010-06-27

ummm... red and black are power, white and green are for data. your pad will not work. please edit the ible and fix this.

wizard4nh3 (author)zack2472010-06-27

the reason red and white are down there is because thats the ways mine is wired up if you hook up the red and black you will burn the 5 volt fan up thats for 12 volts

zack247 (author)wizard4nh32010-06-27

the voltage coming out of a usb port is 5 volts, 12 volts aren't coming out of any normal usb port

wizard4nh3 (author)zack2472010-06-29

please take a multimeter and test the red and white wires they are 5 volts and i was wrong about the red and black being 12 volts after testing they are 5 volts .

thewizard42 (author)zack2472010-06-29

This ^

zack247 (author)thewizard422010-06-29


stv4icp (author)2010-06-27

sounds good ! wonder if it could cool a crappy as hp dv9925?

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