My netbook is great; it's small, portable and has enough juice to do everything I need when I'm on the move. However, there's been times where I need to conduct work in a specific area and there's no desk or suitable space to set my computer down and type. There's even been a few close calls where my laptop has almost fallen from resting on top of printers, cluttered desk space and stacks of other junk.

Time to combine may portable little laptop with the stability of a tripod, time for a laptop tripod!

Whether you're in the field writing a report or stuck in an office looking for a place to set down your computer, a laptop tripod should have you covered. Depending on the type of tripod you have there is a maximum weight and size limit your laptop will be able to hold, so remix the dimensions and ideas here to make your own.

Enough talk, let's make something!

Step 1: tools + materials

To make your own laptop tripod you'll need a tripod with a quick-release head. You can order extra quick-release heads for your tripod online.

tools materials
  • drill + wood bits
  • wood saw
  • hammer
  • sandpaper
  • pencil
  • straight edge
  • scrap wood (plywood, dowels, molding)
  • wood glue
  • extra tripod quick-release
  • rubber tubing
  • wood screws
  • hex head bolt
  • 1/4" tee nut (20 thread)

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