Picture of laser cut easels
I recently did a craft show and decided I wanted to change up my normal display since I'm doing more embroideries in hoops these days. I bought a 24x48 inch pegboard with the intention of displaying my work on it. :D

But how should I keep it standing and stable?

Insert laser cut easels! These easels are easy to make and modify.

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of what you'll need
  • 1/4 inch plywood in 24x36 sheets
  • a laser cutter of some sort
  • the files (attached below)
I'm using a Metabeam laser for this, with the help of audreyobscura. YAY!

very good idea! EPS format does not work for me because I have an earlier version of Illustrator. You can send in DXF format.?

Thank You!

HollyMann1 year ago
Once again ...I love this. I've been doing a lot of painting (oil painting) and wish I had one of these... I would only want to add one thing on the top part of it to ensure the canvas didn't fall off (my great fear when working on a painting)! :) I wish we had a tech shop nearby!
icanales1 year ago
Thanks!! This is super useful :)