Laser Engraved - Hand Painted Custom OUIJA Board





Introduction: Laser Engraved - Hand Painted Custom OUIJA Board

this is my laser cut, laser etched & hand painted custom OUIJA board.

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    Have to say, nice job BUT, this isn't really an Instructable.

    This is more like watching a nice painting unfold without any more information other than "I used a laser and black paint with a brush". Great but hardly an Instructable.

    Of course, if you want to make an Instructable, you might comment on the actual technique you used and even better, include your art work. I won't hold my breath, though. :)

    this is absolutely beautiful, my gramma had one kinda like it when i was a kid.

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    hello do you have any idea where to get one like this i love it, my home now has very strange things going on thought this might help me understand

    Hi, I read your comment and I just wanted to offer some unsolicited free advice. (Which, to many, is worth what one pays for it.) Please don't mess around with these boards. They are like open party lines that people used to have on their phones in their homes, and you can never be certain as to who or what might be on the other end.

    Your comments are no better than the person who sends an alert around to stop a non-existent email virus from being distributed.

    wonderfull build. is it possible for you to upload the dxf or vector as i have been looking for a board for ages

    Great job but are you able to share the pdf or vector file for the artwork?
    Did you use your own Laser Cutter/Engraver or did you hire this out? If the latter, what did it cost?
    Thanks for sharing this.

    How did you paint it ? What kind of paint do you use ?

    Looks great - would you be willing to share your artwork? I'd like to make one.


    I agree with you that the physical action of the token originates with the one or more of the 'operators'.

    I have never 'played' or otherwise experimented with one of these devices. I was sufficiently scared away by my Father's recounted story:

    He and his cousins were mucking about and got a very precise message:
    MY NAME IS BILL HANDYSIGHT I AM COLD and nothing more.

    They thought no further about it until they received news reports that at the very time they received the 'message', a man by the name of Bill Handysight was dying on the side of the road after a car accident. He never touched a Ouija board again!

    As an exercise in engineering, I designed a token/puck that needs a minimum of three operators, such that if one operator becomes dominant and deliberately tries to impose his own will, the result will be jibberish--a friend dubbed it "the consensus machine".

     It's cool that you can do this kind of craftsmanship, but messing with OUIJA boards is flat out stupid. I highly recommend that, should you make one, do not use it.

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    I made this because I think it's a really nice object and a great weekend project, I really don't use it just because I do not believe in all that BS about ouija boards.

    can you post instructions on this. PLEASE!!

     I love it! I have a collection of ouijas... maybe I'll try my hand at making one of my own someday.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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     Do you actually use them?

    do you really USE it?

    Cool  and beautiful , the taste to handpainting is the best for a "good" ouija  because your are put something from yourself inside ...