Introduction: Last Minute Swat Costume

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hello i am paintball soldier here to show you a cheap, affordable swat costume for halloween.

Step 1: Step 1

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this is what should look like.............

Step 2: The Hat

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I had a swat hat already if you have a solid black one you should be fine.

Step 3: Gloves and Tape

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the the tape is for the name plate and and the swat thing on the front. You can use any type of glove, but it has to be black (F.Y.I I used Naruto gloves, but really, any type WILL WORK.

Step 4: The Torso

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what i did was just use my old paintball vest and put duct tape on it, then i worte "SWAT" on the strip.

Step 5: Youre Finished

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there you go youre all done so go and get some candy trick or treating or somthing.


lemonie (author)2009-04-06

You go trick or treating dressed like that? L

JakeTobak (author)lemonie2009-04-06

I would, it looks pretty good to me. I don't want to say I'm too old for trick or treating, cause I'd give out candy to anyone, regardless of age, but I'm probably done unless I somehow have children. I'm not holding out for that though... maybe I'll just buy an ASIMO and take him out trick or treating.

Sorry for a three-year necropost, but I think you'd be interested in this:

okoshima (author)2009-04-06

go trick or treating with a paintball marker over here, get shot or arrested... plus red trousers... no

bounty1012 (author)okoshima2009-07-24


camb00 (author)2009-04-06

Wow instructables just gets weirder and weirder

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