Picture of launch it! wood sling shot
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true wooden sling shot max range 200 feet, 71 miles per hour! just uses 6 rubber bands wood frame string re-enforced.

Now u could just pick up a Y shaped stick that u found and use it but it wont be as strong and its more fun to make your own frame.

this instructable is easy to do it will take more than 1 day to build because its constructed with 5 min epoxy so you have to give it time to dry i finished it in 2 days working off and on.

Always use safety glasses when shooting a previous sling design had a habit of firing backwards on occasion, thank god i didnt have contacts back then or id be blind in one eye.

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Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of get your materials
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sling shot 002.jpg
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sling shot 009.jpg
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you will need:
3 5 inch X 3/8ths X 3/8ths balsa wood (aprox) 2 inch X 3/8ths X 3/8ths balsa wood (aprox) 5 min epoxy (craft/hobby store)4-8 rubber bands depending on size thickness and strechyness stirring sticks for epoxycup for mixing epoxy clamp/vice scissorswire cuter stringcloth  for sling (see below)(i just used [ Rags IN a Box]) staplerabout a cup of flower
(i just used Rags IN a Box) as a substitute for cloth

Build in well ventilated area like out side or garage
always use safety glasses when firing
never shoot a living person tree or animal
(unless your using in paint ball which i dont recommend)
im not responsible for any thing you do if you damage something your self or some one not my fault
CirrusLK7 months ago

Balsa? Wouldn't that be pretty frail?

hello :D

liny7 years ago
rubber bands are not strong enough to be compared to real slingshots. My father made slings using old tire rubber as rubber bands.
i make shooting things (author)  liny7 years ago
still fires at 71 mph ( i just used a camera (30frames per sec), and a board marked at every inch i might post instructable i might post how)
I think this depends on the projectile you use. If you intend to use your slingshot in hunting and use a denser projectile (ball bearing or marble) then a stronger rubber might be needed. :-)
I would think balsa is kind of flimsy. When I was a kid I used to make these out of 3/4 ply and sometimes they'd still break.
i make shooting things (author)  Phoghat6 years ago
its strong enough i just shot rocks around and paintballs and other things i didnt need projectiles approaching the speed of sound. This sling shot is for plinking around back yards. you could make it out of stronger wood if you wanted
i will post how* srry got distracted forgot to back space and then what i was saying
Pasky95 liny3 years ago
Yes tire interiors are far better than rubber bands. However silicone/rubber tubes propel your projectiles faster than interior rubber. :-)
i make shooting things (author)  liny7 years ago
it still has pretty good range/power (watch the vid) my friend has a crossman sling shot and it shoots 100 feet farther than mine but his cost 20bucks mine i didnt spend any money on we had the stuff just laying around (so somebody did pay money just not me)
stAzer6 years ago
I would say that it's not stronger than a forked branch, and your design is off. Also, you can buy latex rubber tubing that's much, much stronger than rubber bands at hard-ware stores. And you can't beat a leather shoe tongue for a pouch.
Pasky95 stAzer3 years ago
I agree! Rubber/silicone tubes shoot your projectiles much faster than rubber bands or interior rubber. Leather is also much more durable and can last for years.
great instructable but for most people you actually hold your sling in indominent hand and pull back with dominent? i think pleese correct me if im wrong:}
I think this varies from person to person. Many people shoot their slingshots the way they shoot a bow i.e. pulling the string with their dominant hand. I use my dominant (right) hand to hold the grip and stretch the slingshot at the same time. My left hand holds the sling next to my cheek as I push the grip forward and shoot. :-)
I shoot a bow with my dominant (right) hand on the string and my indominant hand holding the bow. With a slingshot though, I find that my indominant (nondominant?) hand pulling, and my dominant hand on the slingshot, gives me more strength and accuracy.
Yeah, that's what I do. But it might just be because of years of archery...
i hold it in my left hand and pull back the sling with dominant hand
sorry i need 2 put you down a little:

That was *beep*
tomonto7 years ago
how do you have a range of 30 to 200 feet?
35Timmy tomonto5 years ago
you can shoot  around 35 ft by getting strong enough elastics shoot harder
 and father and get used to a higher raneg even do target peratice until you
reach far enough and try pulling back harder  

hope you use it in peace
i make shooting things (author)  tomonto7 years ago
sorry that didnt make any sense, i changed it. thank u
Awesome rated 5.0
15zhangfra6 years ago
i made something somewat like this the other day with paper and and duct tape, cardboard reinforced
Anton19956 years ago
Check out my slingshots HERE
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
typo in step 5. string or sling?
yep typo i changed it to sling
Kings_Fool7 years ago
Whats a "clap"? Did you mean "clamp" :P
ellomate567 years ago
Mailman or garbage truck in the background? haha
garbage truck.
thought so