Go Green! Make this normal useless mason jar into a beautiful Garden or indoor pot!

Step 1: You Will Need

some lawn

pealings and left overs of fruit and veg

any small plant

any mason jar (i used nutella jar)

Knife or scissors

Some dirt / soil

a strip of strong brown rope

Step 2: Peelings

place your peelings in the jar to cover 1/4 of the jar.

Step 3: Soil,plant

now put the soil into the jar and make a whole in the soil and gently place your plant in.

Step 4: Lawn

Cut a strip of lawn the length and hight of all around the mason jar , when you have wrapped the lawn all around the mason jar make sure there is no glass showing. Now is the time where you will wrap the brown rope once around the lawn and then tighten it and tie a knot on the front of it. If the lawn dosent fall of it is ready. give the plant sips of water. GOOD LUCK. Pls like.

<p>I must try this!</p>
pleas do!
<p>Green is good!</p>

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