Lawn Mower Headset


Introduction: Lawn Mower Headset

with spring coming up and summer around the corner, many people will need to mow their lawns. I mow my lawn, (due to child labor laws being looser :) ) and I want to listen to my i pod/ mp3 player its pretty simple all you need is
1- i pod / mp3 plyer
1- pair of worker's earmuffs (harbor freight)

Step 1: Keep Quiet!!

the problem with using headphones with a lawn mower is that the lawn mower is much to loud to even hear the music so now you have to put the earphones in an encloser (hence the earmuffs) you can buy a pair of the exact ones I have for $4-5 go to this url to get decent ones for cheap:
then just slip those ear muffs over your ears with the ear pieces in and *wham* there you go now you can crank up your favorite music while you work! (I've found that you don't need to crank your music to be able to hear it clearly, even 1/2 or 3/4 will be a sufficient amount of sound)
Happy mowing!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Love your sense of humor! :)

    be care full and dont damage your hearing


    personally I like the headphones that clip to your ear because earbuds fall out sometimes

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    thats true. hey love the avatar i made a mam arcade machine and my favorite game is battle toads

    Sound isolating earbuds are your best bet, I cut the grass today while I was listening to a long mix. Better yet, no need for obtaining/buying earmuffs. Many mobile phone headsets consist of sound isolating earbuds, Sony Ericsson ones in particular are rather excellent, an extension cord (and/or 2.5-3.5mm adaptor) is generally required (piece of p*ss to make) though as they are very short.

    I have the problem of getting the cord from the headphone stuck/wrapped around random levers and doodads on the mower.

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    Just run the cord under your shirt, it contains the wires nicely.

    I have had 4 pairs in the last 2 months get broke this way. I get the cord wrapped around things and don't realize it and rip, i pull the audio wire completely out of the speakers. Its getting old because i don't use cheap headphones. This has also happened to my wife at work several times. She is a USPS carrier and she runs the wire up her back so it doesn't get in the way while carrying mail in her arms ( she is on all walking routes) and when she sits back down in the LLV she sometimes sits on the cord and rips it right out the ear buds. Anyone have a mod for headphones to help prevent it? Maybe like a quick disconnect like xbox has on they're system? I can never cut headphone wire and splice it back together and it work, its different from normal wire. If someone could help me out on that i would be set!

    1 piece of duck tape to yours shirt will do the trick, or wrap it around the back of your head then down to your player.

    dude i used to do the same thing but i gave up on it idk why but i did and i think i evengot the earmuffs from harbor freight too

    Man, Ive been wanting to do this for ages, problem is earmuffs are $20+ over here and I'm a stingy b@$7@rd. As far as I can see harbour freight don't ship overseas, and Im guessing the cost for doing so would out weigh the price of the earmuffs (~AU$6.15)

    I never bothered with that; but i used the in-ear headphones instead. :) They seemed to block out most of the sound from the petrol mower (ohh, spank me, spank me). Happy mowing. Id do it here, but i just broke my ankle and its raining. Adam.

    or you could be enviromentally friendly too and use a push mower... less noisy.. cheap and green!

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    yeah but we have 24 + acres to mow, and lets face it I'm not that physically fit to push it ALLL around. but I do, do my part to be environmentally cautious.

    about a week ago i came up with this exact idea Except i was thinking something more crazy like i would get a pair of these ear muffs and then hook up a speaker in them But this i way easier! I should have stuck to the principle of creating K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid thanks!

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    you know I've had 657 view and your the 1st comment. thanks (like you care!! : ) )

    leave message good, bad........... What?