when you're sick and needs to heal faster, or after working out at the gym and need that extra protein to feed your muscles,  but your mama's out for holiday, and you just got a fight with your gf/wife, and you're lazy to go out dining in expensive restaurants for soup. what would you do?

here's the soup recipe all you lazy men out there gotta learn to make!!!!!!

Step 1: Your Tools, Skill, and Ingredient

all u need is...
1. slow cooker (crock pot)
2. knife
3. peeler
4. chopping skill (not karate chop)
5. *important* a very very nice looking bowl

for the ingredients, you can add in whatever you want. but as for this dish, you'll need:
1. some potatoes
2. some carrots
3. salt and pepper
4. some beef
5. onions
6. garlics
7. beef stock cube (or chicken stock cube. if you're a vegetarian, add vegetarian cube)
8. hot water
<p>me too :)) i cant cook and im happy when i see recipe telling me to just throw everything in and wait, but i wish it took less time, cuz i get grumpy when im hungry</p>
<p>lol! u can actually cook it with pots with above ingredients. but, it will not taste as nice as it is with slow cooker... everything is very soft and tender. imagine u place a cube of potato in your mouth and you could squash it into mash potato with your tongue.. . :D~~~~~ just throw all the recipe into slow cooker turn it on and go to sleep. u'll wake up a TASTY breakfast waiting for u.. </p>
Great looking soup. I like your cooking style!
I think this looks great! I haven't really seen beef soup with noodles. Sounds like a great combination!
actually, it helps to fill up the tummy :P, i'm a huge guy, by having the soup alone isn't gonna last long.
You forgot celery. Onions, carrotts and celery are a basic combination And many folks like to add a can of chopped tomatoes for color and sweetness. Cumin or chili powder ( mostly cumin) add depth without much effort or cust . After I learned how common and ancient cumin was, I add it to meat dishes nearly all the time. It was common in Judea in the first century <br>I
sounds good... thanks for the info.. i'm new to cooking btw. hahaha..

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