Picture of lazy man spaghetti
i love good food. i can't afford expensive restaurant. and i'm so lazy to cook.

and here's a recipe so simple, even your kids know how to cook. 

*p/s: its real... your kids can do this
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Step 1: Step 1: Your tools, skill, and ingredient

Picture of Step 1: Your tools, skill, and ingredient
all u need is...
1. slow cooker (crock pot)
2. knife
3. peeler
4. chopping skill (not karate chop)

for the ingredients, you can add in whatever you want. but as for this dish, you'll need:
1. some potatoes
2. some carrots
3. salt and pepper
4. some beef
5. onions
6. garlics
7. beef stock cube (or chicken stock cube. if you're a vegetarian, add vegetarian cube)
8. hot water
9. parsley
10. itallian herbs
11. oregano spice
12. a few stalk of celery
13. button mushroom
14. bay leaves
15. tomato puree/paste
16. tomatoes