Le Electric Moustache (step by Step)





Introduction: Le Electric Moustache (step by Step)

This step by step Instructable shows you to build your own electric moustache. 

last year i build a prototype and make the first pictures. Many friends ask me for a tutorial an I build a new moustache, take pictures and write a text for them.

we have three steps...

1. Build the paper moustache
2. Cutting out and soldering 

...and many parts. 

for the moustache

- a 9v battery
- wire
- 4 x 1k resistor
- 10 x LED's 
- a 9v battery clip
- a PCB

Step 1: Step One - Build the Paper Moustache

First, we need a paper moustache template for the pcb. Its better to destroy lots of paper instead of our pcb. we need some tools. 

- piece of paper (i use a old programming high school test ;))
- a pice of carton
- a pencil 
- a CD/DVD marker
- scissors
- permanent marker (black) 

you see the pictures for the working steps. 

Step 2: Step Two - Cutting Out an Soldering

For the next step you need more tools. Here is a list.

- Soldering bold & iron 
- Saw
- Flat pliers
- Wire cutter

you see the pictures for the working steps.

Thank all from instructables and have a nice day.



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    Very clever.......could've used a bit more development as an instructable, though.