Least Cost Outdoor Stove





Introduction: Least Cost Outdoor Stove

it's really easy to build a stove for use out- or indoor.
This one is very lightweight and easy to use.
It tooks only two minute to build and the weight is about 10 gramm.

Step 1: Candle Lights

you need two candle lights

Step 2: The Cups

take away the candles, we need just the cups

Step 3: Fold

We have to fold one cup in such a way that it becomes little smaller on the upper side.
We can use a tang or just your fingers. One or two millimeters are enough.

Step 4: The Burner

Put a piece off clothes in the smaller cup.
You can take a piece off your old jeans or something else but take no syntetic.

Step 5: Close the Cups

We must put both cups together and they should fit smooth.

Step 6: Cut

Now must we cut some hole in the upper cup.
First smal holes on the outer circle and then smal holes on an inner circle.
Finally cut two lines in the centre.
Open the four triangle in the middle.

Step 7: Use

Just fill some Tenol or methylated spirits in the cup and light the fire.
The stove will heat two cups off coffee or soup for you easily.
Never use gas or other stuff, only methyated spirits.



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    For the benefit of Yanks, methylated spirits are called denatured alcohol over here. Don't use rubbing alcohol. That has water in it and it will put out black smoke. You can also use the product called HEET in the U.S. -- it's used to remove moisture from auto gas lines -- but only use the kind that comes in the red bottle. Regular denatured alcohol can be found at hardware stores in the paint section.

    i use rubbing alcohol with 91 percent alcohol in it. any lower then it is a pain in the rear to light

    True, and it will tend to blacken your pots. I use denatured alcohol nearly exclusively. It gives me the hottest, cleanest burn.

    In the caribbean, there is only 70 percent. So I am left with using Lighter Fluid.... lots of fun making pillars of yellow flame

    try "salting" your 70 percent. might work better. i looked it up here on instructables... good luck

    my pot that i use for camping (over night backpacking) is black on the bottom now that I think of it

    a trick i learned to is rub the bottom of the pot whith a bar of soap be for cooking on it. it makes cleaning the pot alot easer

    In the paint section of your local hardware store it is calledMethyl Hydrateand it says "alcohol stove fuel" on the label.

    So denatured alcohol is really just the same as meths?

    The term "methylated spirits" refers to ethyl alcohol (the kind that can be drank) that has has methyl alcohol added to it to make it unsafe to drink. The benefit of denaturing the ethyl alcohol is that is it is not taxed as beverage spirits. To get an idea of the difference, compare the price of the same amounts of Everclear and denatured alcohol.