Picture of least cost outdoor stove
it's really easy to build a stove for use out- or indoor.
This one is very lightweight and easy to use.
It tooks only two minute to build and the weight is about 10 gramm.
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Step 1: Candle lights

Picture of candle lights
you need two candle lights

Step 2: The cups

Picture of the cups
take away the candles, we need just the cups

Step 3: Fold

Picture of fold
We have to fold one cup in such a way that it becomes little smaller on the upper side.
We can use a tang or just your fingers. One or two millimeters are enough.

Step 4: The burner

Picture of the burner
Put a piece off clothes in the smaller cup.
You can take a piece off your old jeans or something else but take no syntetic.

Step 5: Close the cups

Picture of close the cups
We must put both cups together and they should fit smooth.

Step 6: Cut

Picture of cut
Now must we cut some hole in the upper cup.
First smal holes on the outer circle and then smal holes on an inner circle.
Finally cut two lines in the centre.
Open the four triangle in the middle.

Step 7: Use

Picture of use
Just fill some Tenol or methylated spirits in the cup and light the fire.
The stove will heat two cups off coffee or soup for you easily.
Never use gas or other stuff, only methyated spirits.