Introduction: Leather Bracer

Picture of Leather Bracer

about 5 min leather bracer i just made for fun

Step 1: Leather Pice

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just take some leather and cut a square out of it(or any thing you want)

Step 2: Some Holes and String

Picture of Some Holes and String

i used one of those hole making tools for leather then i cut a small strip of leather for the string then thread it as a zigzag paten , then some knots at the end so they don't unthread and FINISH

Step 3: How It Looks

Picture of How It Looks

remember that i did this in 5 minutes and just for fun so its not the best looking


pfred2 (author)2014-05-21

I think what you made there is often called a bracer.

arolian (author)pfred22014-05-22

ok thanks

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