hi my name is James, i have been working on leather for a while and thought since there isnt much of leather crafts up i thought i'd add some up. this here is a leather gift card holder i made and will be showing you how to make. this project is pretty cheap and can be a great gift for anyone.

list of things needed for this project:
1x leather
1x swivel knife - a bit optional but it yields better results
1x ball and spoon modeling tool
1x craft sponge- not one u clean ur dishes with
paper towels
1X ruler or steel square ruler
leather dyes- sort of optional depends on look that you want
leather super sheen
winged divider - optional but again really makes it a easier project
wood slicker- option but sells the project
utility knife
and more just read cause i might have forgotten some tools


Step 1: Pattern

in order to crave, cut, mold, or do anything with leather u must have a general idea ready.

now for the first step choose your piece to work on and inspect for problems such as unwanted dents and or discoloration.

now we are going to get the card and some card stock and make the pattern. get the card stock then fold it in half  then put the card against that edge then make an outline then make marks from the outline about 3/8th's an inch away for sewing then cut the pattern out.
picked up 8lbs of scraps for 30 bucks this week. got 1lb of elk too...thats like gold i was told.and theres huge pieces two pieces for beltts it was like a grab bag lol
the thing about leather such as elk is that itssoft and is sometimes hard to cut
Im going to use it for luggage tag straps they cant break easily ..thats what my dad wants lol i really want to make a cup thats leather outside and drinkable inside.
well u can make a leather cup to drink from its rather easy to be honest u just need the leather, sewing skills, and beeswax to do it
Okay well Ill make an instructable on that! or attempt...
lol well i would if it wasnt already in a book lol sort of XD its from a book its about handsewing leather <br>if u want i can send u a pdf copy<br>
gud idea for scraps
lol yeah im always trying to use scraps for whatever i can<br>
I like this a lot! Great photos. :D
oh wow thank you i kinda feel bad this the bad one but my first one the second and thrid on came out great then i had to send them out for family :D

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