For quite some time I had longed for a leather laptop case but did not have the money to buy one so when I took up leather work as a hobby I decided to make my own. It took me a long time to design a laptop bag that would suit my needs and in the end I decided on a design that would allow the padding for the laptop to be taken out so that I could use the case for other purposes. Please look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

<p>As a fellow leather worker this is very well done </p>
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I have been working with leather since 2009 www.leatherkiss.com and I have to comend you on a job well done!!!! Love the natural look. Simple and durable!!!
<p>The pictures are nice. I think you should make another and post a step-by-step! Looks like you have quite a bit of interest there.....</p>
<p>Please do the Instructable! Looks awesome!</p>
Can you email me the pictures so I can use them for reference
<p>so whatss up?i need that </p>Leather laptop case
You should definitely make an Instructable!!!!
<p>This is exactly what I've been looking for! pleasepleaseplease make an instructable :)</p>
Yes, this NEEDS an instructable!
Looks great. I'd love to make one. If I had directions... If you'd like to share the instructions I'd appreciate it greatly.
Yes, please make this and Instructable.
Would love to see the instructable!!
INcredible, please make the instructable :)
Make the instructable already... eheheh! <br>nice leather work!
Wow, that's gorgeous. I'm still learning leatherwork and looking for projects, so if you post the instructions, I'd love to try my hand at it.
we're still waiting!!!! Could you at least post the pattern that you came up with? Please?
Dude. Please, instruct us.
Beautiful work. I anxiously await your instructable.
Indeed. I have spare leather lying around the house, I would like it to become something personal, unique yet practical<br>
you HAVE to make an instructable for this!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! i've longed a leather bag just like you and want a bag like that of my own made xD
What a beauty. Please instruc us !!!!
Take your time, bro! if the picture displayed is the end result, you did a magnificent job and we would not want you to be sloppy :) thanks in advance
I am working on one but I haven't had much time to get it dun so it will be a while <br>
You've got to put up an instruct able on this. I'd rock this all the time.
yeah common ive alwyas wanted to make my own case!! kind of indiana jones type!!it be a real help!
I want to make one for myself, please upload the instructable...
i too would like to see a instructable for this kind of leatherwork
Please upload an instructable. I have been looking to make one for sometime now:)
Please load the instructable on this I would love one of these!
Please upload an instructable on this I would love one of these!
i want one!
I love it! Please, upload the instructable! thanks<br />

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