Picture of leather teardrop earrings

I ordered a couple bags of scrap leather pieces from Tandy recently, and when I saw a piece of tan/grey leather inside I just knew it'd look lovely if I used it in jewelry.

These leather teardrop earrings are super easy to make, and you could really use any geometric shape! I just think the teardrops look great in a pair of dangly earrings.

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
  • small piece of leather/pleather - should be stiff enough to hold its shape when hanging from something
  • at least 20-30 inches of chain
  • 6 mm jump rings
  • two earring wires
  • pliers (preferably two sets, it makes opening the jump rings easier!)
  • rotary punch
  • scissors/x-acto knife for cutting

I used a pretty variegated chain to add a little interest to the earrings, but you can use a plain chain as well. :D


These look fantastic - nice shapes or patterns you choose to cut out.

Very well done

Very pretty! looks like you're into leather craft these days :)

There is a MASSIVE box of leather and equipment that arrived last week. HQ smells like a Wild West tourist trap. :D

Ohw wow! that sounds fun! No wonder why Jessy has gone wild with leather craft ideas :D

nelvyb1 year ago

These earrings are gorge!!!

So so pretty!!

nice earring


shazni1 year ago

This looks awesome :)

I love these! They look like raindrops :)