leather teardrop earrings

Em Destaque

I ordered a couple bags of scrap leather pieces from Tandy recently, and when I saw a piece of tan/grey leather inside I just knew it'd look lovely if I used it in jewelry.

These leather teardrop earrings are super easy to make, and you could really use any geometric shape! I just think the teardrops look great in a pair of dangly earrings.

Passo 1: What you'll need

  • small piece of leather/pleather - should be stiff enough to hold its shape when hanging from something
  • at least 20-30 inches of chain
  • 6 mm jump rings
  • two earring wires
  • pliers (preferably two sets, it makes opening the jump rings easier!)
  • rotary punch
  • scissors/x-acto knife for cutting

I used a pretty variegated chain to add a little interest to the earrings, but you can use a plain chain as well. :D

Passo 2: Cut out your shapes

You'll want at least three per earring. Mine ranged from 3/4 inch tall to 1 1/2 inches tall, and normally around 1/2-3/4 inch wide. :)

Passo 3: Punch holes

Use the smallest rotary punch to make a small hole in the very top of the shapes.

It needs to be close enough to the edge to comfortably sit on a jump ring, but can't be close enough to rip through the leather.

Passo 4: Assemble

At this point, you'll want to decide on chain lengths. (I doubled my chain over because I thought it looked nicer, and I also thought the extra weight might reduce tangling a bit!) I suggest setting the hanging length between 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches and altering as necessary.

String the chains with the leather shapes attached onto the jump rings and then attach the jump ring to the earring wire!

Try them on and see if you like them - keep cutting the chain down until you love them. I altered the lengths quite a bit so they were shorter and more layered.

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Fikjast+Scott diz: Ago 2, 2014. 9:19 AM

These look fantastic - nice shapes or patterns you choose to cut out.

Very well done

nelvyb diz: Jul 22, 2014. 10:11 AM

These earrings are gorge!!!

emilyvanleemput diz: Jul 22, 2014. 9:20 AM
So so pretty!!
vigneshraja diz: Jul 22, 2014. 7:36 AM

nice earring

chengjianwan diz: Jul 22, 2014. 6:59 AM


shazni diz: Jul 22, 2014. 1:39 AM

This looks awesome :)

Muhaiminah+Faiz diz: Jul 21, 2014. 9:49 PM

Very pretty! looks like you're into leather craft these days :)

wilgubeast diz: Jul 23, 2014. 5:09 PM

There is a MASSIVE box of leather and equipment that arrived last week. HQ smells like a Wild West tourist trap. :D

Muhaiminah+Faiz diz: Jul 25, 2014. 3:11 AM

Ohw wow! that sounds fun! No wonder why Jessy has gone wild with leather craft ideas :D

Danger+is+my+middle+name diz: Jul 21, 2014. 5:12 PM

I love these! They look like raindrops :)