Leatherman Sidekick Driver Bit Mod





Introduction: Leatherman Sidekick Driver Bit Mod

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The leatherman sidekick what a excellent edc muti tool.
If come with a changeable screw driver bit, like the wave it would be perfect 

Step 1: The Tool

What you will need :

A small file the same thickness with the sidekick's flat head screwdriver , about 2 mm thick
A  regular 1/4" bit adapter with a square end  
It will be easier if you got a vise , in this case I did it  free hand 

Step 2: File to Fit the Adapter

The squire side of a regular 1/4" bit adapter, should almost fit in to the  flat head screw driver
File a notch in the conner of  the square side to accept the driver, file slow and keep square, don't file too much keep checking the progress  

Step 3: Try It Out

Finished product

I am planing to insert a strong magnet in the bit holder , to keep the bit stick with the leatherman



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Great mod and improved versality for my Rev MT. Thanks!

…simply brilliant.
thank's for sharing!

well done, this will help many people!

One of the best "keep-it-simple-buster" on Instructables !!!…
Thanks for posting !

Great Tutorial, but im italian, sorry i cant understand very well all steps!! Can u post more picture about this mod?
I dont have a Leatherman, i have another tool, can i made the same mod for it?
This is the picture of my tool

Thank u


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Yes, this mod should work, but you may need a smaller or larger bit adapter.

very nice, simple money saving method, i've got the bit in my hand to make one now1