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led glasses are the awesome creation and quite easy to make even for who is non techie.
it is good for reading books in dark , good to see in dark (as a hands free tourch) and it is a bang attension seeker at parties.

Step 1: Following Needs

2 leds
fine connecting wires
1 push on-off switch
AAA dry cell
tape or hot glue
a fine niddle to hole ( by heating)
soldering iron

Step 2:

make 2-2 holes at corner of glasses as shown in diag(A).

Step 3:

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make holes at other part of glasses as shown in diag(B).

Step 4:

now connect all via connecting wire using soldering as shown in diag(C).

Step 5:

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to hold together cells, switch on the glass frame,
you can use hot glue or tape. now enjoy the reading, parties and dark.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-11

These would make great work lights.

thanx buddy

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