A 5 minute project that reminds one of a LED throwie, just you hold it instead of throwing it. (I guess you call it a LED Holdie)

Step 1: Supplies

nail or screw
Red Led
Watch Battery
you should put a couple high brightness LEDs all the way through the tube and get a small powerful battery that can be recharged and put the whole assembly into a cleaned out glow stick. Nice ible.
Very good idea. You could try taking a normal glow- stick, removing the liquid, replace it with water or light syrup, then cap it off with a 10mm LED. 4 stars for the Idea. 3 Stars for pics. Overall.... 3.5 stars. Good job. ry25920
Seems to work quite well in the dark! Did you finish this off by mounting the battery in anyway? L
All I do is hold the battery tight against the LED leads, by not taping I can remove the battery easily when I am done.
It might be good to turn this into a key-ring or similar? L

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