Picture of led glow stick
A 5 minute project that reminds one of a LED throwie, just you hold it instead of throwing it. (I guess you call it a LED Holdie)

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
nail or screw
Red Led
Watch Battery
Wesley6666 years ago
you should put a couple high brightness LEDs all the way through the tube and get a small powerful battery that can be recharged and put the whole assembly into a cleaned out glow stick. Nice ible.
ry259206 years ago
Very good idea. You could try taking a normal glow- stick, removing the liquid, replace it with water or light syrup, then cap it off with a 10mm LED. 4 stars for the Idea. 3 Stars for pics. Overall.... 3.5 stars. Good job. ry25920
lemonie6 years ago
Seems to work quite well in the dark! Did you finish this off by mounting the battery in anyway? L
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  lemonie6 years ago
All I do is hold the battery tight against the LED leads, by not taping I can remove the battery easily when I am done.
It might be good to turn this into a key-ring or similar? L