Picture of led glowee

items needed is:-
a cr2025 or similar button cell
and an led

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Step 1: How to connect?

Picture of how to connect?

well in any case its simple and very easy step...just connect the longer terminal to positive side of cell and negative terminal to other side....simple

Step 2: Thats IT.....

Picture of thats IT.....

well all u need is some patience and some adjustment in attaching led with cell and eventually u will make it.....yepee...

Step 3: What else can u do....

well u can use this as a handy torch or u can make bulb glowee....that will be in my other tutorial...thanks for watching.

dchall81 year ago

I guess there's no rule that says you can't redo an old Instructable. Sometimes the next person provides a slightly different way of doing the same thing. Having said that, it is always nice to see when someone has done their homework into the history of the project. I've seen the same paper airplane designs posted over and over (and over) over the years.

MrE1 year ago

No offense but this is not new. They were created by Graffiti labs and are the same thing as led throwies. The only difference is yours does not have a magnet. I don't know if you knew this but this has been done a couple of dozen times over. Again not trying to be mean, even though what I said is condescending in it's tone.