Led Strip Lamp





Introduction: Led Strip Lamp

Things You Need to make your instructables
Old lamp
pvc tube
12v dc
1m led strip

Step 1: Assembly the Lamp

I used onely the cfl screwbase and conect it with 12v dc adapter
Conect 220v or 110v side of adapter on cfl and the 12v + - with led strip

Step 2: Add the Led

Conect the 12v + - with led strip

Step 3: Finish the Job

The 150 lux lamp



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    Very good job, I never thought anything like it.
    How many LEDs per meter is 30 or 60 / m? It seems 30 and 3825 smd.
    What recomendas power supply led me to strip smd 5050 60 leds per meter?
    Thank you

    12v 1200mah power supply per meter

    Thank you very very much

    Nice idea and pix, but not enough info. Please include detailed step-by-step directions and the specific parts you used to make this.

    Just put 12V adapter inside CFL case, from it's size I guess max 1A rated but even 500mah would be enough, pretty much common type. LED strips work on 12V directly since they have built-in resistors. +12-----|>---|>---|>---/\/\/\/\/\------0 if you dont cut, each pack of 3 is connected in parallel with others. So if you wrap 60LEDs it makes 20 packs in parallel. Assuming each draw 20mah 20*0.02A=400mah. See?

    Where do you determine 110V or 220V.