Things You Need to make your instructables
Old lamp
pvc tube
12v dc
1m led strip

Step 1: Assembly the Lamp

I used onely the cfl screwbase and conect it with 12v dc adapter
Conect 220v or 110v side of adapter on cfl and the 12v + - with led strip

Step 2: Add the Led

Conect the 12v + - with led strip

Step 3: Finish the Job

The 150 lux lamp
Very good job, I never thought anything like it.<br>How many LEDs per meter is 30 or 60 / m? It seems 30 and 3825 smd.<br>What recomendas power supply led me to strip smd 5050 60 leds per meter?<br>Thank you
<p>12v 1200mah power supply per meter</p>
Thank you very very much
<p>Nice idea and pix, but not enough info. Please include detailed step-by-step directions and the specific parts you used to make this.</p>
<p>Just put 12V adapter inside CFL case, from it's size I guess max 1A rated but even 500mah would be enough, pretty much common type. LED strips work on 12V directly since they have built-in resistors. +12-----|&gt;---|&gt;---|&gt;---/\/\/\/\/\------0 if you dont cut, each pack of 3 is connected in parallel with others. So if you wrap 60LEDs it makes 20 packs in parallel. Assuming each draw 20mah 20*0.02A=400mah. See?</p>
<p>&quot; &quot;?&quot;?? &quot; ????? XD</p>
<p>Where do you determine 110V or 220V.</p><p>newbie</p>
if you live in different voltage zone (Europe use 220v, America use 110v)
<p>Very nice! The 12v circuit board from the wall wart - any particular amperage? I have a few ranging from 200mA to 1000mA. </p>
I use 800ma or 1000ma .
<p>These are great pictures, but some actual written instructions would help this become a great instructable.</p>

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