Left Eye Video Head Set





Introduction: Left Eye Video Head Set

i made this 2 years ago it works well but the power supply / video converter was to big . 
i used it to watch my computer ,video games , movies , mini cam and watch the video that was on the old camera that it came from .

i made it by taking off the eyepiece off my old broken camera then testing it to see if it would work with 4 wires and it dos so i used a old mac external cd drive as the housing for the cameras circuit Bord  tape player  power supply on off switch video out using a phone jack and common video audio  in puts red wight yellow this part im calling the video converter box

as you can see i made the video head set out of a new $4 head set i took off the mic boom and used a pen with some copper wire in it attached to the lcd eyepiece and the head set then i have a phone cable coming from the eye piece to go to the video converter box and then i hook up the head phones from the head set and your in set to hook up a video signal like an xbox 

any way have fun keep tinkering  



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    This isn't an Instructable, it's just a picture of something you made.
    Most of the authors on here make some effort to document their work for others to follow.



    Feel free to explain what is is, what you use it for and how you made it...

    i did a bit thank you for your comment its a good boost for me

    certainly appears to be a camcorder eyepiece, mounted on the microphone boom of a pair of headphones, wired to accept video/audio input from some other source.

    Similar to https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Nightvision-Headset-Hack/?ALLSTEPS but minus the nightvision.

    thats were i got the idea to make this thanks for your comment