As I've said before, almost anything goes with eggs. Here is more proof.  Its a quick bite to keep that coffee from letting you know its there.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Leftover red beans and rice.
2. eggs.
3. cheese.
4. tortillas.
5. butter

Step 2: Hot Pan

I split this dish on a hot pan. While warming my beans and rice on one side I prep the eggs with butter on the other.

Step 3: Cook It Up

Crack an egg on one side and fry it up.  If the beans are done, split the heat on the burner to finish your egg.

Step 4: Slap It Together

Add egg, rice and beans, & cheese to a tortilla ......and

Step 5: Roll It Man

and enjoy :)
onrust... if you <u>love</u> Red Beans and Rice, try Mahatma's. It's sold at Walmart and it's less expensive and better-tasting than Zatarins.<br> <br> It tastes <em>exactly</em> like the RB&amp;R sold at Church's Chicken. ;-P~
btw... nice Ible, too... and I want that textured placemat!!!!! Actually, I want 6 of them. Where to buy? It there a brand name on it? I can try it look it up online. ;-)
lol... I told ya so! ;-D
Yum! They are great late night snacks! Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
i agree but I try not to eat after 4pm anymore. it seems to help LOTS!
That is true! I don't always follow the good rules though, I guess I am a rebel! <br>Sunshiine
I had a burrito yesterday and yours looks better.<br> I'm with sunshiine, can't sleep without a late night snack.<br> <br> A
Nice hearty breakfast.

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