Lego 3 Speed Manual Transmission With Clutch




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Introduction: Lego 3 Speed Manual Transmission With Clutch

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not really a clutch just that engager piece and i got the linear design from searme
and yes i know it looks very stupid lol

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    A W E S O M E
    too bad i can't build the same with knex xD

    kool i like it. are you going to make it move with out the drill i thing that would be differnent.

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    thanks im not sure if ill go that fat with it legos arent my thing, rc trucks are... want me to put my nitro motor on it? XD

    yes you should then i would rate another 5*

    no i dont wanna discomfumble my legos, make them splatter all over the place when i go off a jump lol

    i can understand


    You're welcome!