Introduction: Lego Buster Sword Crisis Core

This is my first instructable on how to make the Buster Sword like in crisis core final fantasy VII out of legos!

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

The peices in the picture

Step 2: Step 2: the Handle

take a yellow lego peice with 8 circles on it and put a flat yellow peice with 12 circles on it on top. then find some pole like lego peices for the handle.

Step 3: Step 3: the Blade

Take 7 square black peices and 7 grey ones and an 8 dotted flat grey peice. stack the black peices and then the grey peices and put them next to each and put the flat grey peice on top of the 2 stacks.

Step 4: Step 4: the Blade Part 2

for the top of the blade, take a grey diagnol peice and put it on top of the grey stack. Then put a 2 dotted grey peice next to it and 2 dotted black peice next to that. Then put another diagnol grey peice on top of the to grey peices and another 2 dotted black peice next to that. Finally put a diagnol black peice on top of the grey and black peice.

Step 5: Your Done!

Heres what it looks like in Advent Children (but without the rust)


GTRPLR1995 (author)2010-03-20

cool. very original.

FFVIIBOY (author)GTRPLR19952010-03-21

Thanks :) i couldnt think of any way to make a buster sword that a lego person could hold and i wuz bored so i made this

Ward_Nox (author)2010-02-13

you should try to put together a cloud mini fig

thanks to EXO force they have spiky hair now

FFVIIBOY (author)Ward_Nox2010-02-14


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