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Introduction: Lego MAC 11/10

this i saw one day when browsing instructibles a lego gun for bionicles holy crap what a cool idea!!!!!!!!! I must credit all my inspiration to BioGuns. thanks for a great idea i hope you see this. back to the gun it has a removible silencer and the sights look good. sadly there is a cut piece and i very much regret that but if u cut the piece rite u can make duel mac 11/10s.

Step 1: The Body!

follow the pics -- its just like a store bought lego instruction book

Step 2: The Handle!

exactly the same as the previous step

Step 3: Assembely

if u cant do this step give up legos for life and never look at another brick again

Step 4: Silencer (optional)

this makes your gun look like a James Bond gun!



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    could you make one with out the broken piece i don't like breaking lego

    3 replies

    you could but it would hav a freakishly long barrel

    cool it could be like a silencer if i added a gray conector or 2

    I know how but its too complex. :P

    thats cool but did it ever fall apart on you when you where making it

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