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Introduction: Lego Beyblade

Do you remember beyblades? The excitement of battle tops? Well, this is a recreation of that and its very easy to make. You need four 1x16 lego posts with holes, a rubber band, a large and medium sized gear, a plus sign beam, some bricks and 5 minutes. Im just gonna show you with pictures. Make a few to have battles with your friends. To fire, aim the top point down and pull on the rubber band. It may take a few tries but the top should release and spin downward. Have fun!

It is important that you look at the duplicate pictures because they have instructions on them.

Please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism, etc. Thanks =)



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    please make instructions. I have made alot of lego beyblades. Actually I have a box full of them in my closet with my real beyblades. the launcher looks like a really good idea

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    yo,  jameson4, wuld it hurt to post how you made them on this site, im beggina here. thanks 

    Hey Teku557, this is, well was jamesonh4 but i forgot my password so i made a new account, so this IS the same person, yeah i will try to upload something, but do you want me to put up the beyblades or the launcher

     hey guys, teku here. i tried the lego beyblade and it worked nice job!!! i customized my blade to look like Max Tate's first blade in the first series of beyblade. fyi_ if you use a slightly longer axle with your blade, it will spin better and longer!!

    cool- i am therteen and stil luv the blades!!! don;t worry, i am with the program. please make printable instructions!!!!!

    man this looks crapy haha wel compared to the ones legoblader1 had on youtube he only had 2 videows but they looked like the real thing one looked like a driceal g did anyone figure out how to make them

    I had a r/c one that helped a bit :p

    8th grade but its may and schools out on june 10th so IUm almost a freshman in high school

    i used to luv these things in liek 4th grade

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    in which grade are u in now

    i had a huge weight dist, that thing was about the span of my palm and it was shaped like an attack ring i could take on five of my friends bests and still win flat out

    ahhhh the beyblade...5 years ago i had one that pwned everyone elses and shattered theyre rings-mainly because i dipped it in superglue :P

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    i used to brag about them tryen to be all cool now i brag about my ipod nana w/ vidioes da new one yay!