Picture of lego buster sword!!!
hey guys, just showing off a little bit of a lego mod I did. it's zack's final fantasy buster sword! 
: D the glues I used were jb weld and two part epoxy (both quick dry.)
ljboy993 years ago
on the fifth picture I'm Thinking "What if he drops the sword on himself? *Evil laugh*"
One. (author)  ljboy993 years ago
embrace your dreams, and *sword falls on him* OH CRAP
roflord4 years ago
o.O so simple... yet so awesome! :D
its like the minifig sized CoD predator laptop xD
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
Why dont you join my group the Final Fantasy Kingdom you can put all of your Final Fantasy stuff on it
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
how do i join it?

FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
i put the link on your page
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
go to community on the top of the screen and then it will say search and next to it forum topics, click the arrow next to forum topics and go to groups and then type Square Enix kingdom cuz i changed the name
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
By the way i made Genesis's Loveless book and it has all 5 acts and the prolouge
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
Hey were did you get that peice that sticks the buster sword to his back
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
 they come with lots of lego sets, all you have to do is have a look around ; )
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
FFVIIBOY4 years ago

Also i like how you made crisis core scenes thats my favorite psp game

FFVIIBOY4 years ago
check out my Lego Buster Sword. it cant be held by a lego person cause of its handle and size but its pretty cool. also you should have made the lego person look like Zack
This is really cool! is there any way to make it without damaging legos?
One. (author)  AlternateLives4 years ago
Not that I know of. I guess you would have to make it quite thick though.