Introduction: Lego Candy Machine

Picture of Lego Candy Machine

this is what i have made: a lego candy machine

Step 1: The Button

Picture of The Button

this is how i made the button: grab your lego and build as i have build it.

Step 2: Building Up

build around the button and make sure the button can still move.

Step 3: The Moneylock

Picture of The Moneylock

find this lego brick and put it on it's place (see on photo)

Step 4: The Candy Chimney

Picture of The Candy Chimney

make a little chimney for the candy

Step 5: The 2e Floor

Picture of The 2e Floor

make a little 2e floor for the candy and let the chimney end on the 2e floor.

Step 6: Detachable Lid

Picture of Detachable Lid

put a big lego plate on top to finish.

Step 7: Done

Picture of Done

this is how it looks like in the end. the money gets thrown in at the back.


seamster (author)2014-12-19

Cool project! Thanks for sharing this!

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