Introduction: Lego Car

most of the pieces you will need are in car and caravan set 4435.

Step 1:

get these pieces and put them together. these will be part1

Step 2:

do the same to this one. we will call this part 2.

Step 3:

it's hard to see so the pieces are: any color 4 by 4 piece, two gray 2 by 1 striped piece. we will call this part 3.

Step 4:

put them together this is part 4.

Step 5:

this is the body.

Step 6:

attatch these to the body.

Step 7:

attach these to the body.

Step 8:

attach part 1 to the body.

Step 9:

attach part 2 to the body.

Step 10:

attach part 4 to the body.

Step 11:

finally, attach wheels to the body. 


BABLOON1424 made it!(author)2013-07-31


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