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lego catapult/ slingshot built from scratch

thought this would be popular with comments and ratings


N8ck (author)2017-07-09

make instructions

eemmyy123 (author)2016-08-31

how do you sling it?

eemmyy123 (author)2016-08-31

please add some instructions!!

taz8430 (author)2015-11-10

you should add instructions

sergio00 (author)2011-08-26

Isn´t is a crossbow?
Sorry for the errors,i´m spanish

lizard657 (author)sergio002012-02-15

Not really. It's shaped like a crossbow, but the mechanism works like a crossbow.

sergio00 (author)lizard6572012-02-28

Ok, Thanks for your information ;D

ccobra (author)2011-06-13

cool lol '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' ;) .

beanman911 (author)2011-05-22


boomboy123 (author)2011-05-18

plz post

masterchief1257 (author)2011-02-27

hay guys check out my new instructable crossbow shoots any were from 50 to 60 feet and is made out of legos

wonderdog01 (author)2010-11-18

that looks really cool

nascar10 (author)wonderdog012011-02-04

thax was not hard to build

qtipers33 (author)nascar102011-02-16

can you tell us how to make it

Matrix-technician (author)2010-10-28

Nice 5 stars. Make an "ible" for it though.

thax 4 the 5 star rating

cornealcard (author)2010-11-30

cool ible it

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