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Step 1: Peices You Will Need

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Step 2: Steo 1

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get the 12 stud flat and the 3 stud flat and place the 3 one at the end of the 12. add the brick with the hole and the 2 brick with a hole on the 3 stud

Step 3:

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Step 4:

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add  the 8 stud flat on the bottom across the 12 stud

Step 5:

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get the elastic band and thread it through the hole thingy then put the brick with the pole coming of it on the 8 stud flat facing inward

Step 6:

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then do the same on the other side this should holdd the band nice

Step 7:

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get the 6 stud flat and put  it evenly  on the botom

Step 8:

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get the 8 stud singular flat and put it on the 8 stud double

Step 9:

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Step 10:

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add the corners on the edge

Step 11:

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add the 2 stud things on the sides

Step 12:

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add the other 8 stud flat behind the 2 studs

Step 13:

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like this

Step 14:

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add the long smooth things on to the 12 stud brick  add the smooth square on the hole thing

Step 15: To Fire

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pull the hole thing back till te edge of the smooth thing then let go or just chuck the model at youre brother or sister

Step 16:

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oh and this is the bullet if you struggle to make this i will try and answer your questions bye


PARTYGUY (author)2015-06-30


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