Picture of lego guy necklace
how to make a cheap and easy lego necklace
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
drill bit.jpg
you will need
-a lego guy (the simpler the better)
-a drill
-a small drillbit

Step 2:

Picture of
ln finished.jpg
ln intro.jpg
drill a hole throught the lego guys arms and torso
then put a piece of string throught it but make sure the string fits you

tie a knot and voila a lego necklace
scistone, it's not meant to be a necklace for the lego guy, it's meant to be a necklace for yourself, with a lego man on it. :D
samart3 years ago
good job i made one and i love thank you so much for posting this!!!! :)
scistone4 years ago
How is that a necklace? 1. It is WAY too big. 2. It doesen't look like a necklace. 3. It goes through his body (would you like a peircing like that?) 4. You killed him.

Other than that he's pretty cool. Mabe if you renamed it "Epic tourture to a unwanted lego guy" I would favorite and it would be awesome. :)
kittensare4 years ago
can i have that drills instead of the necklace ? please
dude4444 years ago
Ahhhh don't hang your Lego guys
Lowney5 years ago
aeray5 years ago
Yep. If you edit this to read, correctly, "necklace", you will get way more views.
turbonegro5 years ago
that necklace guy is not neckless