Lego Ipod Dock


Introduction: Lego Ipod Dock

I have been trying for a while now to figure out how could combine an audio patch cable to a lego motor wire. When i finally got it, it eventually turned into this. if you happen to have a newer nano, im sure u can adapt this to suit your needs. first instructable ever, so please dont dis it. it may be pretty stupid and impractical, but u dont have to look at it.

Step 1: Wat U Need

these are all the lego pieces I used for the base, but as long as its this size, you can use any pieces you want

Step 2: The Audio Jack

now were gonna' modify a standard male to male audio jack- i spliced some wirs from half of one to the lego wire. oh, yeah, you need to make another plug with the other halves of the two wires. (lego and audio)

Step 3: Contiuing the Base

ok, now on with the building....

Step 4: The Ipod-holder Thingy

ok, almost done... use the remaining pieces to make the holder.

Step 5: Use It

plug your ipod in the dock. the use the scond cable, and plug the lego end on the electric brick in the dock. now, plug the audio cable in, and....... TA DAH!!!! usless, but cool!



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    i made something like this, exept i made a case , dock, and spekers for my ipod

    this is mono. but i have some song with cool stereo effects....

    i made one 1 mill times better than this ill post my instructable on it in a few dayz

    Awesome, another great dock has been added to Instructables. I love it, nice job!

    Wow, this is another great dock! I really like this one but When I do this I think I'm going to make it a bit more colorful... Nice Job! -Alex Shifrin