Introduction: Lego Minizilla

godzilla exept mini

Step 1: Bay Layout

Step 2: Boat

Step 3: Buildings

Step 4: Minizilla

Step 5: Or 2014 Godzilla

this one is totely black and also my fave

Step 6: Monster

Step 7: Helecopter

Step 8: Put It Together

Step 9: Egg

doesnt matter what pieces you use as long as it resembles a cone

Step 10: Tank

Step 11: Minimechzilla

add him if you want or feel free to do anything you want with the city

Step 12: Finished

enjoy i might make a stop motion but my time is slim i just got a new puppy


WAFFLES99 (author)2015-05-12


squidcraft (author)2014-08-20

thanks these are the kind of lego things you could make an army out of and still not have enough

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-19

Daww he's so cute. I love all the detail on the tail, and yet everything remains so small! Thanks for sharing!

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