build this for your lego man and he will be invincible. it is sure to blow enemys out of the sky!


you will need................

Step 2: First.........

take a lego star wars blaster. (found in comon new sets.)

Step 3: Next......

attach a hook to the barrel.

Step 4: After That...........

slide the cilinder down the barrel

Step 5: Finaly...........

stick a second cilinder on the first one.

Step 6: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO MAKE LEGOS GO BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice gun, but now all my lego are killing each other. how do you stop that?
build some jail cells for them =)
You could spell the title correctly?
i am a fan of lego....not grammer
was the misspelling of grammar intentional?
lol i am 11 i dont realy care
That's no excuse! Get in there and edit it! :)
fair play :)
this is so cool i just got the snow trooper battle pack yesterday so i made it and it's awesome
thanks, i did the exact same thing with my snow troopers. they are awsome minifigs.
minifigs say boooom :-&lt;)
clean up on asle 5!
I like your instructables. But, is there a macro mode on your camera? the pics are kinda blurry...
i know. my camera sucks

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