everybody this is my new nano Lego puzzle box. It has five steps and it just uses a 6x6 base plate. It is one of my best Lego puzzle boxes that I have made so far. I have some pix of the mech so you can make it if you want to.

To solve it first tilt it so that the black peg disengages the smaller red brick and then pull the red brick out. Now pull the larger red brick out as far as it can go so that it pulls the pin out of the white brick. Now slide the white brick back so that you can open the door. Now you are done. Run off with the treasure and hope that they don't catch you with your loot.

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221812 months ago
Could you put instructions on how to make this?
sonic broom (author)  221812 months ago

This is long gone now but I plane on making more LEGO puzzle boxes with instructions. So if you subscribe you can see my new puzzle boxes when they come out! Thanks for asking!

www1391 year ago

oops! Wrong contest! :P

sonic broom (author)  www1391 year ago
Yes I will try to take it off

If you go to the "you page" and go to "instructables" and locate this one and then click edit. on the top you will see "more". hover over it and click delete. OOOHHHH! That will delete the instructable altogether! I see your dilemma! I'll get back to you on that!!

sonic broom (author)  www1391 year ago

that will not work it says that I may not delete a insructables that is in a contest

Go to edit and hit publish and go to enter in contest and uncheck rods and connectors
sonic broom (author)  Lucas The Boss1 year ago
It will not let me uncheck the contest
sonic broom (author)  Lucas The Boss1 year ago
thanks i will try that
Might want to take it off the knex contest
sonic broom (author) 1 year ago

Oh my I entered this in the Knex contest i did not mean to do that so please ignore my mistake

Fun puzzle!

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