Introduction: Lego Nerf Dart

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I am a big lego fan and also a big fan of nerf guns, so i had to figure out a way to mix the two and then came up with this amazing dart.

Step 1: Get the Parts

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1 lego peg connector
1 little lego spacer
1 little peg (does not need to be red)
1 nerf dart ( tip ripped off)
and crazy glue

Step 2: Starting

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it is hard to explain what pieces go where so  just follow the pics.

Step 3: Looking at the Pics

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Step 4: Insert

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ok now I can explain it. so you want to push the lego into the nerf dart, making sure that a little bit of the peg connector is out of the dart.

Step 5: CrAzY GluE

Picture of CrAzY GluE

now take your crazy glue and glue in 2 spots. on spot where the stopper meets the red peg, and glue all around where the connector is gust above the dart. then let dry over night and fire away!

Step 6: Gun Add On's

sorry I don't have any pics on this step but it is pretty easy to do. 

if you want to hold more of these darts then gust glue the large stopper (the small stopper was used to make the dart) on to a flat and/or easily accessible spot on the nerf gun.

Step 7: Distances

Picture of Distances

i have a modded "i don't know" gun so don't quote me on the distances. 
I took three shots which where 48',50',and 47'. that averages out to 48.333333333333333 e.t.c but we will round it to 48'


DBMods (author)2010-08-11

Thats a disk shot

CaseBoy (author)DBMods2010-08-11

thanks had no idea what it was from.

DBMods (author)CaseBoy2010-08-11

You seem to have some knowledge of nerf. Do you have any idea what this is.

CaseBoy (author)DBMods2010-08-13

think the guy that commented got it right.

bigt4616 (author)2010-08-10

"I am a big lego fan and also a big fan of legos" proof reading does wonders.

NotAGenius (author)bigt46162010-08-10

But just look at those "advrigas" :P classic!

RandomTeeVee (author)2010-08-10

you said your a big lego fan and a fan of legos, haha dont you mean nerf? :)

CaseBoy (author)RandomTeeVee2010-08-10

thanks for finding that......haven done that many iables.

Zippo1234 (author)RandomTeeVee2010-08-10


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