do not care about the color

Step 1: This Is Easy

try this

Step 2: Part of the Head

top part

Step 3: Put It On

half way done

Step 4: Make Eyes

5 parts

Step 5: Put It on

it is going to be cool

Step 6: The Mouth

two more steps

Step 7: Top

top parts

Step 8: The Stand

this is it

Step 9: It Is Done

cool is it not
be fair guys this was done by an 8 year old if your sons really serious about trying to make it exactly like optimums prime this is what you should do what you should do is get the mask/Helmut for reference or some other refrence that you can turn any wich way so you can see the details then have him figure out what colors he needs to build each area (build it in sections esp cause not many ppl have that large a suplly of blue black and silver leggos and this may take a while unless u scale it down) leggo does sell bulk blocks on the web site by color still not one to critisize in a contest leggo ran when i was a kid i made a space ship that looked like the patradge famly buss r rocket engines
Hi, this is Rosedale25's mom -- thank you for your helpful words. Now, I'll educate myself -- what is the &quot;mask/Helmut&quot; you refer to above? Can you link me to instructions? My son wanted to build a sphere, but found it difficult to curve the edges properly. <br/><br/>We have a *truckload* of Lego at home -- our fav. Lego expert right now is Nathan Sawaya. We saw an online CNN report about him and his fabulous work.<br/><br/>He has build more indepth models, but I'm not sure his brain has learned to think in &quot;sections&quot;<br/><br/>Cheers, <br/>RD25's Mom!<br/><br/>
<p>I feel bad for your son, him having to go through people bullying him. I'm happy that he even has the opportunity to play with Legos.</p><p>Happy building rosedale25!</p><p>-J.R.</p>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-Transformers-Optimus-Changer-Helmet/dp/B000LDSIRI/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4/104-9787674-9835147?ie=UTF8&amp;s=toys-and-games&amp;qid=1186406201&amp;sr=8-4">http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-Transformers-Optimus-Changer-Helmet/dp/B000LDSIRI/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4/104-9787674-9835147?ie=UTF8&amp;s=toys-and-games&amp;qid=1186406201&amp;sr=8-4</a><br/>
lso leggo has some more advanced models on there site some are the ones u need to be able to make to work there as a model maker
<p>You jerk! He was only 8 years old when he made this instructable!</p><p>-J.R.</p>
yah, i have tranformers the game on my wii, and optimus looks nothing like that. i mean, his eyes are blue!
<p>Hey, he said that he was more concerned about the design and not the coloration! )^:(</p><p>-J.R.</p>
Check out mine you can build it. It's pretty good..... :'(
<p>I'm sorry about what Mr. Seabananers said, that was just plain mean. I really do think that this is a cute model, I think this looks like a new cartoon version of Optimus Prime! (:</p><p>-J.R.</p>
no it is not
<p>How rude! ):&lt;</p>
<p>Just because of that, I have favorited this instructable! (:&lt;</p>
wow. exact replica.
great job! i like it, but work on the colors.now you can think up a way to make the rest of him!
I'd give it an A for effort check out mine it's pretty neat.
the frme of his head looks ok but colors are something you need to work on and more detail would be better but still, good job!
one word : COOL!
It is cool but ot seriously needs some work
yeah...... ummmm <br/>this is more like it<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://leghumped.com/images/optimusprime.jpg">optimus</a><br/>
try what?
Dude im sorry but that looks more like marge simpson!! have you actualy seen what Optimus Prime looks like? well when im sure when i was a kid my lego stuff looked about the same so im not taking the mick, you tried lol =o)&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
you a jerk
not really, I just gave my opinion. oh and it's you're a jerk, not &quot;you a jerk&quot;...............jerk =oP<br/>
i feel so insulted ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh
yes stew I couldn't make one better what with it being such a complicated structure!! i'll admit at the time I posted the comment I didn't know the kid was 8 so kudos to him and if you actually read the comment I wasn't really being that nasty was I? infact I stated that when I was that young my lego creations wernt much better. as for you well name calling is pretty pathetic.
dosent appear like you could make one better
woooooow nice 1
When ever you need to take close up pictures, like the one on step six, you can turn on the "Macro" Function in your camera. If it's a CyberShot, it's a flower like button on the back. Keep on posting, and don't let your mom type in for you! Show her you can do it by your self. Saludos.
there are a lot of really great instructables by a lot of really creative people, and this is one of them.
Hey, if the boy's 8 years old, then give him mad props, how long did it take him to make this one, or did he just figure it out as he went?
Hi everyone, thank you for your funny and interesting comments. My son posted these instructions-- he's 8. I think it's such a hoot that he's blissfully and perfectly unaware that his project is anything but wonderful. He's particularly inspired by the Transformers made out of k'nex. I'm going to let him read the comments and see if he can't improve on his first efforts. Cheers, Rosedale25's Mom!
im gonna make a knex blackout transformer model soon!
I gave you a + rating because at least it isn't yet another insipid k'nex instructable. Good job.
This is awesome, keep it up guys!
Yes, I think there is a true likeness to Marge. Hilarious. Mom
In consideration of other comments, you <em>should</em> care about colour. Still, no one has yet advised you to use the macro function on the camera...<br/><br/>L<br/>
This is what his head looks like.
I've got to agree with tankboyben, that's marge simpson.
ya that is kinda stupid!

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