Introduction: Lego Pickup Truck

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this is my lego pickup truck. this is the first one i have ever made so if you have any suggestions on what to change just leave a comment. enjoy

Step 1: The Base of the Truck

Picture of The Base of the Truck

all you will need to do is follow the photos.

Step 2: The Cab / Hood

Picture of The Cab / Hood

this is where you will get to build the hood and cab.

Step 3: The Wheels

Picture of The Wheels

you need wheels for this truck and a certain kind too. sorry if you don't have these wheels.

Step 4: And Accessories

you can add any accessories at all just make it look cool


the computer no1 (author)2014-01-04

Its mega blocks dude not lego

mikeasaurus (author)2013-07-09

For a moment I thought the curved front bumper was the 'pickup' part. I like the spoiler, and those smoke stacks are sick!

thanks man

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