im showing you my lego pistol.
<p>showing us your TOTAL COPIED PISTOL!</p>
<p>total fake. I watched renzo's video. his has a working slide. sorry cod back ops... busted</p>
<p>crazy cool</p>
It's a copy!!!! And it doesn't work
This is a copy of fenzo260's I made one as well.just look up lego glock by fenzo260
Show us how to make it please<br>
Show us how to make it please<br>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bziPXHhhIQs part 1 of instructions <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3waPmpGGs4 part 2
and it does not fire. it has a fake mag and features though.
...Or maybe... He's renzo on YouTube...
CID you liar it doesn't even work!!!
I hate it when people make things and say that it's theirs
It doesn't work
He copied it off of someone. I've seen the video and made the gun
That is the most amazing Lego gun I have ever seen. Have you considered displaying it at Brick Fair? (Lego convention).
How do you build it
please if u do show us how to make one i will give u 1 favorite if it's good
I also want to know how it's made even some images off the lego digital disginer so you can reassemble it even i think you might get more favorites of this article so do not feel alone on this sadi789 cuz ur not alone, nether are both of us, plus i got a feeling it would be good 4 ur reputaion cod black ops so then we both benifit
i think he posted it on you tube? <br>
I would love to know how that works it is the best lego pistol I've ever seen!
Same here! I made my own Lego gun (https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-HandgunPistol/) but I don't think it works quite as well. It would be really nice to see an instructable on how it's made, and maybe a video on how it works. I know that's hard to do though, so no pressure.
That is a really great design! Could you show us how it's made? Just asking. (: Great Job!
That looks great!
it does work
durs it work? (durs is my way of saying does!)<br>